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Our company has been established in Singapore since the early ’90s by Mr.Nikolaos A.Argyropoulos, whose deep knowledge of the maritime industry and his strong willingness for success, managed in a relevant short period of time to transform this new establishment into one of the most professional and reliable shipping agencies in the area.

The clients of our company belong to the international shipping community. The majority of them consists of Hellenic shipowning and shipmanagement companies and whom we consider as our best advertisers for the value and the quality of our services.

Nowadays Agios Nikolaos is managed by the two sons of the founder of the company, Mr.Dionysios Argyropoulos and Mr.Alexandros Argyropoulos, continuing the traditional mentality and focusing on the improvement of the services provided in order to escalate an already successful business course.

Vision of Agios Nikolaos

The Management is in a continuous effort to maintain the quality of the services provided to each respective client by having a stable Team of experienced & willing personel ensuring a high level of performance at all times.

Vision of Agios Nikolaos

In this respect and through our Team members we visualize an establishment that can always adjust on the needs of the industry & same time hold strong on the traditional values that have been entrusted to us from our forefathers and predecessors in this line.

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Check Out Our Services!

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